Statutes Obermatt Institute

  1. The Obermatt Institute is a non-profit association under Swiss law with headquarters in Zurich.
  2. The association was founded on February 26, 2020, and exists until it has no more members.
  3. The association aims to promote general financial understanding through education, financial research, and regulatory advocacy.
  4. These activities can be carried out by members of the board, members of the association, or by a working group authorized by the board.
  5. Association members finance the activities of the Association through a membership fee set by the Board. The association can accept patronage and/or sponsorship contributions.
  6. Data transmitted to the association can be viewed by the executive committee of the association. They are stored electronically, administered, and used in a suitable form within the Association. The Board of Directors ensures that personal rights are respected, but accepts no liability for any damages.
  7. The board consists of elected members of the association and performs the functions necessary for the functioning of the association. Changes in the number of board members are proposed by the board with a two-thirds majority of the board members present and decided by the general assembly.
  8. The legislative body is the general meeting. It discharges the Board, elects its members, approves the annual accounts, and can amend the statutes. The general meeting takes place once a year. Decisions are made based on a simple majority of those present. The general meeting can also vote on motions that are not on the agenda.
  9. The board organizes itself, elects the president, and assigns the offices and tasks.
  10. Admission to the Association is granted by submitting an application for membership and a subsequent decision of the Board of Directors with a two-thirds majority of the Board members present.
  11. Membership ends upon request of the member, by majority decision of the general meeting or if no membership fees have been paid. Under no circumstances is there a claim to paid membership fees.
  12. The association is only liable to the extent of the association's assets.