Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of participating in this study?

By participating in our study, you will receive an individual analysis that compares your personal position in the market with other industry participants. This creates a picture of your current and future business environment and you can see where you stand in comparison to your competitors. The analysis you receive from us looks something like this:

Your Expectations

Overall assessment

You read your market positions as follows: The bars show the percentage distribution of the given answers "has decreased" (red), "has remained the same" (yellow), "has increased" (green) of all participants in your industry. Your own answer is shown as a vertical line. For example, the question for the result "revenue" in the survey was: "Has your revenue decreased/remained the same/increased? The frequency of the corresponding answers is shown here in red, yellow, and green. The same applies to the other questions.

What can I use the results for?

In addition to comparing your own judgments with the market, our study helps participants in a wide variety of situations, including external representation to third parties:

Is the study anonymous?

Yes, your answers will be analyzed anonymously and will not be given to any party outside the Obermatt organizations. We will only use your contact information for direct communication with you as stated in our privacy policy. No one will receive your individual analysis except yourself.

How does Obermatt benefit from the study?

The study serves economic research and financial literacy. This is the purpose of the non-profit organization Obermatt Institute. The Obermatt Institute itself makes no profit from the study, neither directly nor indirectly. There is no external client for the study and the results are not sold or otherwise transferred to third parties.

I was assigned to the wrong industry.

In a few cases, it may happen that we did not correctly assign your industry. We have therefore included the possibility to correct this when you click on the link email that takes you to the questionnaire. In any case, you will receive the analysis of your correct industry.

Is my company relevant enough to participate in the study? We could dilute the statistics.

Any information is helpful for us, no matter how unusual your situation or irregular your business activities are. Only if we also record the exceptions will we get a representative overall picture. We will consider the special situation accordingly in the evaluation.